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15 October 2005 @ 06:52 am
Poolboys? No. We're not poolboy obsessed at all.....  

[21:02] Lysistratah: I hope so. A party with lots of poolboys. And good

[21:11] Lysistratah: That'd be Dom's problem, what with all the lazy poolboys basking in the sun.
[21:12] r3dheadspy: I still want one of those poolboys
[21:12] Lysistratah: Me three.
[21:12] Lysistratah: Hey, if she pays them by the hour...
[21:14] Lysistratah: I'll have the family drama going on (which could be good cannon fodder for our double agents) and was thinking of having Magneto send us to do something particularly unsavory which might piss your side off. I haven't thought of what
[21:17] DominoAK47: *looks back* A meeting with Nick could be fun...
[21:18] ColNicholasFury: I'm still trying to decide if I want Nick involved with Val (if she decides to play) or no one. It would be hard to have a relationship while on the run
[21:18] ColNicholasFury: Yeah, it could be. :)
[21:18] Lysistratah: If he's not with Val in the HoM version, he could get his memories back later in the game and want to find her.
[21:18] ColNicholasFury: There is that.
[21:18] DominoAK47: I can lend Nick a pool boy too! *ducks*

[21:55] Lysistratah: Plot #4b - Let the strikeforce chase Nocturne-n-Friends around for awhile. Then Rachel, Brian, or both say to heck with this, let's go straight to Genosha and find out what Mags thinks he's doing. They stay with Dom while there.
[21:56] r3dheadspy: Oh sure. Rachel gets to hang with the pool boys and I don't. Talk about unfair
[21:56] Lysistratah: It's hard being a double agent.
[21:56] r3dheadspy: It sucks. I don't get any pool boy loving because of it
[21:57] Lysistratah: I'm telling you - there are some HOT interns on the SHIELD carrier
[21:57] DominoAK47: Hey, they don't grow on trees, you know.
[21:57] r3dheadspy: I just want one.
[21:57] Foenix13: Hey, I was smart and got close with a princess.
[21:57] Lysistratah: No, they just bask under them.
[21:57] Lysistratah: That's right - Rachel gets Palace Guards!
[21:58] Lysistratah: And I get a brooding alcoholic.
[21:58] r3dheadspy: Oh this is totally unfair. Pool boys and guards?!
[21:58] Foenix13: And the unlimited credit cards...
[21:58] Lysistratah: And drug addict
[21:58] Foenix13: Speaking of...when did Logan's healing factor stop being rather effective against booze and drugs? ;)
[21:58] Lysistratah: Wait a second - I want to hang out at Dom's place! Natasha, let's put together a strike force. There's some very suspicious...uh...sunbathing going on over there...
[21:59] DominoAK47: It pays to make friends with royalty. Even if you'd like to stab them in their sleep.
[21:59] DominoAK47: *snicker*
[21:59] Foenix13: I'd never stab Betsy!
[21:59] Foenix13: ...Meggan, maybe.
[21:59] Lysistratah: Phoenix - yeah, I agree. They nerfed his powers.
[21:59] DominoAK47: You'd make out with her insteasd? *runs very fast*
[21:59] Lysistratah: Only if she led Kurt on any longer. Then I'd stab her myself.
[21:59] r3dheadspy: You know, we might just have to do an indepth investigation into her dealings. It may take days, maybe weeks
[21:59] Lysistratah: Months, even. The entire staff will have to stay on site for...questioning.
[22:00] r3dheadspy: Yes!
[22:00] Foenix13: Dom: Hey, hot asian chick? Why not?
[22:00] Foenix13: ;)
[22:00] DominoAK47: Oh, sure. I suppose you think I'm going to pay your tab, too! Fat chance!
[22:00] Lysistratah: Dom, dear, I hope you get some hot South Asian boys for me. I'm thinking Kama Sutra here.
[22:00] DominoAK47: *snicker*
[22:00] DominoAK47: I do not run a brothel!
[22:00] r3dheadspy: Why not?
[22:00] Lysistratah: No, of course not. You just have beautfiul, sparkling pools.
[22:00] DominoAK47: . . .
[22:00] Lysistratah: And perhaps a lovely, well maintained garden.
[22:01] DominoAK47: Hrm. Can I charge by the hour and keep 90% of their earnings?
[22:01] Lysistratah: And, um, incredibly clean dishes.
[22:01] Lysistratah: Sure. If they're illegal immigrants. Mags isnt' going to check.
[22:01] Foenix13: *snerks*
[22:01] ColNicholasFury: So that's where all yer money is comin' from.
[22:01] Lysistratah: Of course!
[22:01] DominoAK47: I'll lie and say I'm going to set them up in fantastic jobs!
[22:01] Foenix13: Prostitutants!
[22:01] Lysistratah: *g*
[22:02] Lysistratah: Hey - we all know all Mutant women are uberHot. These boys may just LOVE their job.
[22:02] Lysistratah: (Sven, you're fired. No, really! I mean it. No, I will not give you her number. Or hers, either...)
[22:03] DominoAK47: *snickers*

[22:04] DominoAK47: No one wants to look too deeply into Dom's affairs because they're all a little disturbing...
[22:04] Lysistratah: Nate, Sinister, and the entire royal family.
[22:04] Lysistratah: What? You leave scars on the poolboys?
[22:04] ColNicholasFury: Hrm. give me a few t' think about it
[22:05] Lysistratah: Sinister suggested he'll side with whoever is against Mags because S wants to experiment on mutant DNA. That means the humans, but I cna't see them liking Sinister much.
[22:05] DominoAK47: *looks innocent* I know nothing about those ER visits.
[22:05] Lysistratah: As for the royal family, they'll be important later, but right now...well, it'd help if I'd heard back from any of them. I hate concocting plots without input.
[22:06] Lysistratah: They just fell, right? And that's, uh, rugburn. Yeah. They smoke and slide around on teh carpet. A lot.
[22:07] DominoAK47: Yes, exactly.
[22:07] DominoAK47: They were like that when I got them.

[22:17] Lysistratah: I was just about to suggest Domino (who is playing a rich Genoshan socialite/poolboy mansion owner extroidainaire) might visit you in the palace with your creepy sons.
[22:17] Foenix13: Howdy

[22:25] Lysistratah: I'm assuming you're playing Sane!Wanda.
[22:25] scarlett hare: To begin with
[22:26] Lysistratah: Therefore, the kids are whoever you want them to be. They could be the result of too many pleasant afternoons with Dom's poolboys.
[22:26] Foenix13: Where's the fun in sanity?
[22:26] scarlett hare: I'm not sure what will happen when she finally starts to remember things
[22:26] Lysistratah: [rubs hands together] Oh, that's when it gets interesting.
[22:26] ColNicholasFury: Sanity's overrated
[22:26] Lysistratah: You only say that because you're losing your memory, Nick.
[22:27] ColNicholasFury: I am not losin' my memory!
[22:27] Foenix13: Already gone, then?
[22:27] r3dheadspy: Just a tad too defensive there Nicky
[22:27] Lysistratah: You've got a full gig of it in a chip at home?
[22:27] DominoAK47: *snickers*
[22:27] DominoAK47: Who needs memories?
[22:27] Foenix13: Logan?
[22:27] ColNicholasFury: Logan seems okay without 'em.

[22:34] Lysistratah: Hush, you - or I'll take away your poolboys.
[22:38] DominoAK47: *clings to the poolboys*
[22:38] Lysistratah: You've still got the gardeners. And the cook.
[22:39] DominoAK47: True. *sigh* Still. Life is so empty...
[22:39] Lysistratah: *snicker*
[22:39] DominoAK47: (I totally think Dom stuck her deranged mother into a home someplace.)
[22:39] Lysistratah: (Even if her mother's not deranged. She just paid someone to "agree" with the diagnosis on paper.)
[22:40] Foenix13: And by "home" you mean "grave"? ;)
[22:40] Lysistratah: (Why are you the best developed character in our game? You're not even IN the House of M!)
[22:40] DominoAK47: (OH yes. Because Mother was all "You're worthless. Give me grandchildren who aren't.")
[22:40] DominoAK47: (I'm just that damned good.)
[22:41] Lysistratah: Hey - do you have any leftover "boyfriends" mommy picked out for you?

[22:43] Lysistratah: Do you think this is how Bendis gets his "plots?" Okay everyone, let's get drunk and chat! I think it'd be really cool if wanda went insane...again!
[22:43] Foenix13: Somewhat close to that...
[22:44] Lysistratah: Except without the poolboys.
[22:44] DominoAK47: Hrm. Yeah... that could work.

[23:05] apheta6: Hi everyone.
[23:05] Foenix13: Here comes trouble. ;)
[23:05] apheta6: Moi? *innocent*
[23:05] Lysistratah: How else will you seduce Dom's evil poolboys and save everyone from their diabolical machinations?
[23:05] Foenix13: Yes, vouz.
[23:06] apheta6: An exotic dancer. It has possibilities....
[23:06] ColNicholasFury: You know, we keep joking about those poolboys. They could be spies for Mags
[23:06] Lysistratah: I hate to say it, but that's a good point.
[23:06] Foenix13: Don't tell Madrox...
[23:06] Lysistratah: We still haven't decided how all this vital information gets leaked all over the place.
[23:07] apheta6: what information? Can someone bring me up to speed?
[23:07] Lysistratah: Wanda - does the palace have a pool? Or at least a nice spa?
[23:07] r3dheadspy: See? If you would've given one or two of them to me, you might've managaed to get away whith your schemes
[23:07] apheta6: Sorry I'm late
[23:07] Lysistratah: No problem. Let's see, poolboys aside, we've come up with a rough summary for 6 plot threads to start the game.
[23:08] DominoAK47: Heh.

23:08] Lysistratah: And yes, at least one of them does involve poolboys. Now, possibly 2. (The more I think about it, the more I like it.)
[23:08] apheta6: AHAHAHA! Poolboys are the unifying factor.

[23:09] Foenix13: See? Wanda just wanted some action, so she created a world where poolboys are the be all and end all of all plots.

[23:09] Lysistratah: pretty pretty poolboys *sigh*

[23:14] Foenix13: "House of Poolboys"

[23:14] Foenix13: *snickers*
[23:14] Lysistratah: I think Dom makes her money by running Genosha's Only Porn Palace.
[23:15] ColNicholasFury: Dom's House of Porn
[23:15] Lysistratah: "Poolboy Playhouse #7: Heaven and Hell, starring Warren Worthington and Kurt Darkholme"
[23:15] Foenix13: ...My brain.
[23:15] Lysistratah: The religious right would ban it.
[23:15] Lysistratah: After they bought up all the copies.

[23:16] Lysistratah: Wishful thinking.
[23:17] r3dheadspy: We can't stop thinking about those pool boys
[23:17] Lysistratah: delicious pool boys
[23:17] DominoAK47: Well, I'll put bags over their heads.
[23:17] Foenix13: Speak for yourself!
[23:17] Lysistratah: Fine by me. Are they holding ice cream cones?
[23:17] Foenix13: I've got hunky palace guards to play with...
[23:17] apheta6: Guys....I have to go for about 45 mins, kind of an emergency. Also, Domino, Shatterstar has left a plaintive comment for you in your post.
[23:17] Lysistratah: yeah, but they're british. Don't let 'em smile
[23:17] Lysistratah: No problem.

[23:18] ColNicholasFury: You should post pool boy a rama just for laughs
[23:18] ColNicholasFury: Later.
[23:18] Lysistratah: Dom's so greedy. She's got dozens.
[23:18] Lysistratah: And just for 2 pools.
[23:18] r3dheadspy: And she won't share
[23:19] Lysistratah: SHIELD definately needs to quarrantine that house.
[23:19] DominoAK47: *laughs*
[23:19] Lysistratah: We need to do a *thorough* investigation of the entire staff.
[23:19] DominoAK47: I could bribe you all to go home!
[23:19] r3dheadspy: A very long investigation of that house
[23:19] Lysistratah: Or, I can saty home and watch my alcoholic boyfriend scream at my son.
[23:20] DominoAK47: Yeah, do that.
[23:20] Lysistratah: No, no, I don't think there's enough money in the world for me to take that bribe.
[23:20] Lysistratah: Well, unless you'e scarred the poolboys too badly.
[23:20] Foenix13: Howabout popcorn?

[23:20] Lysistratah: Well, unless you'e scarred the poolboys too badly.
[23:20] Foenix13: Howabout popcorn?
[23:20] Lysistratah: Okay, I'm going to compile this into something allegedly readable. Feel free to comment in any additions or corrections you can think of when you see it.
[23:21] Lysistratah: for watching "James" and Kurt?
[23:21] Foenix13: *nod*
[23:21] DominoAK47: Only in places not covered by their... uh. Little pool boy shorts...
[23:21] Lysistratah: It'd get soggy. There's a lot of spittle flying around.
[23:22] r3dheadspy: Shorts? You don't have them in Speedos?
[23:22] Lysistratah: I'm thinking they should have uniforms. Maybe you change the uniforms once a month.
[23:22] DominoAK47: Heh.
[23:22] Lysistratah: No, no, I'm thinking of monkeys, aren't I?
[23:22] Lysistratah: Damn cymbal playing monkeys.
[23:22] DominoAK47: This month, red spedos. Next month, green.
[23:22] Foenix13: Heh
[23:22] Lysistratah: Thongs?
[23:23] Lysistratah: You know, just as a special X-Mas treat
[23:23] Foenix13: Santa hats for December.
[23:23] DominoAK47: They'd never get any work done that way!
[23:23] Lysistratah: They work?
[23:23] DominoAK47: *laughs*
[23:23] DominoAK47: YES! They clean the pools!
[23:23] Lysistratah: Forgive me, I'm sure they work very *hard*
[23:23] DominoAK47: And give good backrubs.
[23:23] Foenix13: *bites tongue*
[23:23] Lysistratah: Very hard backrubs
[23:24] DominoAK47: It's a good thing Dom's lucky. That house would be filled with little dalmation-looking children otherwise.
[23:24] Lysistratah: My boyfriend just stuck his head in to see what I was laughing so hard about.
[23:24] Foenix13: "101 Domino Children"
[23:24] Lysistratah: *laughs*
[23:25] DominoAK47: Seriously. She has a five year old brother in canon and all I can think is "Oh, he'd be a dalmation for halloween..."
[23:25] * ColNicholasFury snickers.
[23:25] Foenix13: Domino probably was, too...
[23:25] Lysistratah: On that exciting note, i'm going to transcribe the plots. Oh, my. Getting back into character is going to be interesting.
[23:25] Foenix13: Which probably explains a lot.
[23:25] Lysistratah: Wouldn't her mom dress her as Cruella de Ville instead?
[23:26] Foenix13: "Be a dalmation again, Neena!" "Piss. Off."

Seriously, we need to bring Dom's poolboys into this somehow.
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