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07 November 2005 @ 12:16 am
Nov 6th Chat - Part II  

ColNicholasFury: Hello
The Glitter Pill: hiya!
Lysistratah: Hi there!
stackedgoddess: Hullo, I'm Storm Mun!
wishingwillow4: Hi!
bigpileodust: *hugs on her again*
wishingwillow4: *hugs*
Lysistratah: I'm Raven Mun
bigpileodust: you already know i play emma *L*
wishingwillow4: nice to meet everyone
mollymonsterrr: Hey, I'm playing Wolfsbane aka Rahne
r3dheadspy: Black Widow - Natasha
Foenix13: I'm way to many's typist...
wishingwillow4: lol
Foenix13: But around here, Rachel.
The Glitter Pill: <= TJ / Nocturne
Lysistratah: Foenix, I thought you were just Rachel. Who else are you playing?
Foenix13: In HoM, just Rachel.
Lysistratah: Cool.
The Glitter Pill: oh, if we're revealing Sages personas as well... *ahem*...
Foenix13: Or...AM I??
bigpileodust: *L*
stackedgoddess: lol!
Lysistratah: Bwa ha ha!
wishingwillow4: oh dear lol
ColNicholasFury: I'm the typist for two in HoM
Foenix13: I don't think I know anymore. =P
ColNicholasFury: I have 9 in Sages
Lysistratah: WishingWillow4, we're still in the early stages of a House of M game. We're still wide open for new characters.
The Glitter Pill: Banshee, Ultimate Dazzler, Nocturne, Abby Sciuto (of NCIS)... um, I'm forgetting some
stackedgoddess: I'm almost grateful to be a noob, I don't think I can handle anything more than the one I have now.
wishingwillow4: so my dearest Emma was telling me
Lysistratah: *nine* I can barely remember what my two versions of Raven are doing from day to day.
wishingwillow4: she and I go way back
Foenix13: I'm up to, what? 20 now?
The Glitter Pill: impressive
Lysistratah: So what you people are telling me is, when I go online and think I'm playing with half of Marel, I am, in fact, playing with 5 people who each have multiplly split personalities?
Foenix13: And I last posted, before this morning, like two weeks ago. I'm so lazy.
wishingwillow4: I haven't done a steady X Character in a while now, but quite a few before
ColNicholasFury: I only have 2 (3 if you count the LMD) Marvel
Foenix13: Pretty much, yes. There's really only six people on Sages, I'm sure.
mollymonsterrr: Hah!
The Glitter Pill: Maybe seven.
ContessaVal: I've restricted myself to Val and a Logan.
The Glitter Pill: and a whole lotta wank
Lysistratah: (Would the LMD like to wake up and make my and Morph's life miserable - granted Morph's still speaking to me after I reveal Mystique is Not A Nice Person.)
ColNicholasFury: I'm not saying who my second Marvel is.
Lysistratah: Sorry about all the in-talk, WW4
ColNicholasFury: (I'll see if I can get anything out of him.)
bigpileodust: i'm looking at the OOC and it says wanda is taken... i thought you're still looking for one?
The Glitter Pill: boo-urns to you Nick
Lysistratah: We've got 8 uberplots listed back on teh OOC.
mollymonsterrr: I just started playing 13 year old evo!rahne on sages, so maybe there's 9 people :-D
wishingwillow4: tis ok, I am here mainly to quietl watch
ColNicholasFury: Hey if you can guess who my second is, I will admit to playing it
Lysistratah: Emma - yes, she's listed right now, but I haven't heard from her in weeks and she seemed pretty shell-shocked after our last chat.
Lysistratah: Are you morph?
Foenix13: I'm exempt from that, aren't I?
ColNicholasFury: I am not morph
ColNicholasFury: Foe: Yes. Val too
bigpileodust: ah, ok, gotcha
Lysistratah: (I just have to ask everyone I meet)
ContessaVal: Geez!
ColNicholasFury: You two know!
Foenix13: I'm Sparticus!
Lysistratah: The uberplots are fairly loose, trying to leave people with plenty of room to take their characters in whatever direction they want.
stackedgoddess: I am Maximus, General of the armies in the North, husband... ( ahh, I'm lame)
r3dheadspy: And we're pretty loose with continuity
Lysistratah: We whipped them up based on the limited PC's we had available at the time. As we get new people, those plots will grow, and probably change.
wishingwillow4: *nods*
The Glitter Pill: I've played in so many AU games, it didn't faze me when I was in a scene with Kurt and Siryn doing massive amounts of soft drugs in a cheap hotel room.
Lysistratah: Oh yes - definately loose. Domino has become a central player in our version of House of M even though she wasn't in the mini at all. If you ahve a favourite character you've always preferred playing, they're all yours
r3dheadspy: /me yawns.
Foenix13: *eyetwitches*
wishingwillow4: I've played several
The Glitter Pill: though, looking back, it was rather odd
Lysistratah: Do you have any particular favourites?
wishingwillow4: I'm not sure if Emma over there had a fave. I will probally spend the next few days reading
wishingwillow4: see who is screaming at me to interact?
Lysistratah: You don't need to committ to anything tonight (unlike Erik, who will make the baby Cable cry if he doesn't play Sebastian Shaw).
bigpileodust: *LOL* eric's playing him
The Glitter Pill: I love a good Shaw. They're so hard to find.
xDark Wesleyx: I thought I already said okay *L*
Foenix13: *snork*
The Glitter Pill: It takes a real man to pull off ruffles.
wishingwillow4: YAYYYYYY <--- *that* is exciting, and yummy
stackedgoddess: and tights. Don't forget those too.
Lysistratah: A new Wanda would be a great thing for the royal house. T'Challa would be great for Storm. Any of the New York based players would be nice to have around...
r3dheadspy: Okay. I find this hard to believe. We've chatted this long and not ONCE has the pool boys been mentioned.
Lysistratah: So, what you're saying is Real Men go to ren faires?
wishingwillow4: pool boys
Foenix13: We're trying to remain focused.
Foenix13: For once.
Lysistratah: hehehehehehe
r3dheadspy: Riiiight.
xDark Wesleyx: [Sebastian]: They're called breeches, and I have never had a single complaint about how they're, ahem, filled out.
bigpileodust: hey! eric goes to ren faires
stackedgoddess: Ohhh, I think I mentioned bringing Thunderbird III in as poolboy/spy
bigpileodust: um, me too obviously
r3dheadspy: Storm, can you grab me a pool boy while you're there.
stackedgoddess: a while back
xDark Wesleyx: There are pictures, in fact.
wishingwillow4: I have played Meggan, Kitty, and Jean all in *fairly* recent memory
Lysistratah: Hey, I got the boyfriend into a doublet for the first time this year. Peer pressure is a wonderful thing.
bigpileodust: <---------O:-)
The Glitter Pill: I love that we're in social groups where peer pressure leads to doublets
wishingwillow4: I am always open to new too
wishingwillow4: v. v. good peer pressure
Foenix13: One of us! One of us!
bigpileodust: i like your kitty, and i always loved your jean and meggan
Lysistratah: Meggan would be easy to work into our existing continiuity. Kitty would take a bit of tweaking but...lessee...I don't see any reason why she couldn't be on a class field trip to Genosha (off the top of my head.)
The Glitter Pill: I'm reminded of a Margeret Cho quote... "I've noticed that the people at Star Trek conventions are the same people you see in bondage clubs and ren faires"
Lysistratah: *laughs* Yeah, too too true!
stackedgoddess: Dang, too bad Kitty had to go into teaching. She could made an awesome bureacrat for Ro to toss words with.
Lysistratah: Summer internship?
Lysistratah: MODEL UN!
Foenix13: She could be hired to tutor Wanda's spawn...
bigpileodust: ooooooooo
Lysistratah: Kitty's taking her whole class of NPC's to Genosha to be part of the Model UN!
ColNicholasFury: Val. Since Ro's nice to humans.
wishingwillow4: I will read and investigate then!
bigpileodust: kitty teaching the "kids"....
The Glitter Pill: TJ takes offense to the term "Wanda's spawn"
Lysistratah: Tutor works well, also. Those kids are *scary*
Lysistratah: *grin*
ColNicholasFury: I need some food. BRB
Lysistratah: No prob
The Glitter Pill: but then, she hasn't met her creepy half-siblings
Foenix13: Yeah well, I take offense to your music.
stackedgoddess: Val could join the Royals over at Dom's. Be part of the remaining human elite in society whilst working her own agenda.
ContessaVal: Hmmm
Lysistratah: Creepy half-deamon-limb siblings!
The Glitter Pill: "You know, when -I'm- the more normal looking kid..."
Foenix13: I bet that's how we really ended up with the whole Xorn/Magneto mess. One of them was another bit of Mephisto soul...
stackedgoddess: Or she could be twistedly working for Shield to the dismay of her (former?) lover.
xDark Wesleyx: Okay, quick poll: Sebastian's LJ name-- "sebastianshaw" or "lordimperial" or keep looking?
Lysistratah: I like the former
The Glitter Pill: king_in_ruffles
bigpileodust: *L*
Foenix13: "misterpoofyshirt*
bigpileodust: i dunno, i like his name too, in case of continuity stuff
Lysistratah: You know, for an elite all-mutant institution, we've got the creme of the human crop working for SHIELD. And the Darkholmes. Wow. No wonder the human resistance is so strong.
xDark Wesleyx: True... plus he might end up other places.
bigpileodust: *whispers* we need more mutants...
The Glitter Pill: I can see Shaw still having the Hellfire Club deep underground and pulling strings everwhere, while the public thinks they're has-beens
stackedgoddess: *yesss, we do* We need some more to push for the mutant status quo.
xDark Wesleyx: Like, for instance, I could make you resurrect Maddy for a side game. :-)
xDark Wesleyx: That's good.
Lysistratah: *Why must you all rebel against us?*
bigpileodust: *pets maddy* she's like emma on drugs
Lysistratah: No! No Madelyne Pryor! Arrgh!
bigpileodust: *ROFLOL* it was a very AU game
The Glitter Pill: like... he used Leland as the scapegoat, and pulls puppetstrings from his comfy SHIELD position.
Foenix13: *crosses that off the list*
wishingwillow4: HA
wishingwillow4: sorry
ColNicholasFury: Back
The Glitter Pill: I like conspiracy plots
bigpileodust: sorry why? *glares&
wishingwillow4: just caught the poofy shirt name <-- was getting soda
bigpileodust: ah
r3dheadspy: But don't forget that the creme of the humans working for SHIELD are spies for the resistance except for Drew
The Glitter Pill: *nodnod*
Lysistratah: Shaw - FYI, I've cruelly set up the helicarrier as a place where all the agents are either alcoholis, drug addicts, suicidal, or all three. The Darkholmes are bad family drama gone worse and the humans are all spies
The Glitter Pill: XD
r3dheadspy: Except for Drew. Although she might be accused of being one if Natasha and Elektra are discovered
xDark Wesleyx: Poor Sebastian, 'cuz he's really well-adjusted and a total prude and stuff.
Lysistratah: We're all gonna love TJ when we meet her...and after Raven beats the living crap out of Kurt. :-)
mollymonsterrr: That sums up the carrier really well, actually
Lysistratah: I hope our Drew comes into play soon. Oh - and if anyone knows someone intersted in filling out my Red Guard in the form of a Toad, i'd be eternally grateful. All I've really set up for him is that he's a benedryl addict.
bigpileodust: benedryl?
Lysistratah: over the counter downers, so he doesnt have to admit he's doing drugs
mollymonsterrr: OTC, baby!
bigpileodust: omg
Lysistratah: Six at a time, and brags about his sinuses being clearer than ever
Lysistratah: Alright - back in plotville! We're about to head down to Qatar to rescue a kid working at as a power plant. That is, if Kurt and Logan ever start/finish their fight.
Lysistratah: Ooh - just a thought to make the Darkholme's lives even worse. Shaw - want to have a dysfunctional affair with Rogue? She's all about the bodystockings and latex.
mollymonsterrr: Oh god!
stackedgoddess: I would think Shaw would consider himself much above Rogue. And not missionary style.
bigpileodust: *spits water*
mollymonsterrr: You're evil!
Foenix13: *sputter*
ColNicholasFury: You know...if Natasha or Elektra were having an affair with Shaw, they could get info out of him.
r3dheadspy: Nick, I'm going to hurt you. Badly.
stackedgoddess: I see him moving in on Mystique, Elektra, Nat definitely
Lysistratah: Ooh! That might be even better. Wait, he's the boss. No reason to limit the lovin'.
xDark Wesleyx: It's... it's an idea. There seems to be at least two people that'd have to okay it.
stackedgoddess: We know he likes the redheads already.
bigpileodust: true
Lysistratah: Oh, come on! Why would Mystique give up a drug addict alcoholic hairball in favor of someone with good grooming and taste? It'd never happen!
xDark Wesleyx: Boy, Jo & Megs will also realize that he's becoming very much like my old Sebastian at this rate.
mollymonsterrr: LOL!
r3dheadspy: If it was just to get info, Natasha might do it
wishingwillow4: twas only a matter of time
stackedgoddess: She wouldn't, but it'd still be useful for her possibly.
Foenix13: Lousy Russian tramp...
xDark Wesleyx: Old Sebastian got mucho action, just 99% NPC
bigpileodust: no, he slept with maddy
r3dheadspy: Rachel, don't make me hurt you
Lysistratah: (I am so in love with my dysfunctional helicarrier.)
xDark Wesleyx: There was the NPC Emma action, too, remember.
Lysistratah: But! We need to find a place for Val! And the next bits o' plot for our human double agents (though we might've just done that.)
xDark Wesleyx: *curses in a few different languages* LJ won't let me create the new journal
Lysistratah: The bastards!
bigpileodust: *kicks LJ*
wishingwillow4: evil *glares*
The Glitter Pill: name taken?
ColNicholasFury: Val - any ideas?
xDark Wesleyx: No, I'm getting a 404 when I go to "Create a new journal"
The Glitter Pill: weird
wishingwillow4: try poofyshirt ;-)
Lysistratah: Give it an hour, or wait until morning. LJ has quirky database troubles sometimes.
bigpileodust: *spits water again*
The Glitter Pill: I think TJ is just as excited to have a real fan as Rahne is to meet her. XD
xDark Wesleyx: Okay
Lysistratah: Yea!
The Glitter Pill: she'll learn better after her first stalker.
Lysistratah: I'd love to see TJ and Rhane bond ove rthe wonder that is the Butt Monkeys while everyone else stares on in abject horror.
mollymonsterrr: :-D Yay for fangirl-ing!
Foenix13: "And you're the princess's personal bodyguard?? Oh wow, you're a fan too??" "No, just babysitting..."
ContessaVal: Perhaps freelance.
The Glitter Pill: TJ doesn't know she has any relation to Magneto yet.
Lysistratah: Val - maybe you could turn the spying around? You could be a SHIELD spy who has infiltrated the Human Resistance and is reporting back to Shaw. This means you see just about everyone.
ColNicholasFury: And Shaw could use her to hunt down Nick if they think he's alive.
ContessaVal: That's an excellent idea. Will there be opportunities for Nick-torture?
Lysistratah: On the Teej/Mags front - someone (possibly the narrator) will eventually send him some convincing evidence that you're related. Since you're the first alleged relation not to beg for money, he's intriegued.
Lysistratah: There are ALWAYS opportunities for nick torture!
ColNicholasFury: Hey!
bigpileodust: *L*
r3dheadspy: /me snickers
bigpileodust: btw, how will the memory-shift happen?
ColNicholasFury: Nothin' but a bunch of sadistic women
r3dheadspy: But you love us.
Lysistratah: Nate Grey (also our Magneto player) will have the same powers as Layla. Since Layla is just a plot device in HoM, we were planning on keeping her a sock puppet here, too.
The Glitter Pill: TJ: "...I don't wanna be a princess, thanks. I don't do dresses, and a tiara with these ears would just look stupid."
mollymonsterrr: good call
Lysistratah: When we've set the time (not soon) we'll all take turns getting revelations. Then, we get to cope with wht does this all mean to us...and gradually we'll converge on Dom's
bigpileodust: gotcha
mollymonsterrr: so I have plenty of time to get ahold of old comics
Lysistratah: Just so everyone knows, the one FIRM plot point we're all working towards is: we get dual memory syndrome. It sucks. We converge at Domino's place in Genosha to decide what to do about it.
xDark Wesleyx: Roger that
Lysistratah: Right now, we're playing in the actual HoM setting. Unlike, say, Bendis.
The Glitter Pill: *snicker*
Lysistratah: So - to sum up -
Lysistratah: Shaw is now the most important character in the game. He gets to sleep with all the ladies and send the humans off to die on ill advised missions, like say Val joining the human resistance.
bigpileodust: omg....
ContessaVal: The bastard!
Lysistratah: The Butt Monkeys get their fanmail, Rhane and TJ bond, and the whole concert is attacked by a vicious and evil Narrator
r3dheadspy: I'm only sleeping with Shaw to get info!
Foenix13: The narrator's fondest wish was to have more power. Stupid Wanda reality warping...
Lysistratah: Meanwhile...Kurt and Logan still haven't finished snarking at one another over breakfast
Lysistratah: Bwa ha ha!
xDark Wesleyx: Once I get the LJ created and set up, I'll draft up an intro.
Lysistratah: Oh, and Storm gets to give Pietro the cold shoulder. He's used to that by now, but will pine mercilessly. If he's very lucky, he might also be belittled by his father
mollymonsterrr: LOL
bigpileodust: *pets pietro*
mollymonsterrr: so much love
Lysistratah: I'm really looking forward to the Son of M mini, but then, I'm a sucker for character minis.
Nathan Grey XMan has entered the room.
Lysistratah: Speak of the devil!
ColNicholasFury: Hey.
Lysistratah: You are about to be Mr. Popular, Our Lord Magneto!
Foenix13: Yo
Nathan Grey XMan: ah, talking about me, were you?
Nathan Grey XMan: evening all
Lysistratah: Glad you could come. What is the House of M without a Magneto?
The Glitter Pill: Hi Grandpa! :D
Nathan Grey XMan: It's what Bendis wrote, actually...
Lysistratah: I'll let Storm have first dibbs talking to you about plot ideas.
The Glitter Pill: <= TJ
stackedgoddess: It just occured to me, we have the entire New Mutants roster and the Shield trainee academies that could be utilized as well if anyone's looking to enter the game that way.
ColNicholasFury: Must. Kill. Bendis.
stackedgoddess: Storm's looking to talk policy with Mags.
Lysistratah: Oh, and I was thinking of doing something totally wacky - just to be different - let's make Magneto straight!
Foenix13: What do you mean MAKE? =P
stackedgoddess: Yay! Hetero-M is teh sexy!
The Glitter Pill: Though Sir Ian McKellen does have his charms...
Lysistratah: Though I'm warning you - there's no way he could get as much action as Shaw
Nathan Grey XMan: Magneto straight? Hmm.... I could do things with that idea...
Lysistratah: :-)
stackedgoddess: Would Magneto be interested in playing out a council of King's session? If we still have a Doom, he'd be included naturally.
xDark Wesleyx: *LOL* Sebastian, you're now officially a running gag
The Glitter Pill: Shaw: Mutant Pimp-daddy
Lysistratah: Gag. Whips. Harness - whatever turns him on.
r3dheadspy: Maybe this wasn't a good idea.
wishingwillow4: hey guys, I am fighting some bug, and am going to crash soon
wishingwillow4: but it was great meeting everyone
stackedgoddess: Storm could reject Petey coz she wants the BigM for herself. Cue the Oedipal drama.
ColNicholasFury: Night.
Foenix13: Night!
Lysistratah: *shh* Don't ruin a good thing, natasha! you know Shaw has a roadmap to the clitoris
wishingwillow4: night!
stackedgoddess: night!
The Glitter Pill: Indeed it was! Night!
xDark Wesleyx: Night, Megs
wishingwillow4: omg
wishingwillow4: on that note LOL
Lysistratah: Sleep well! I'm glad you could join us.
Foenix13: o.o
wishingwillow4: me too!
ContessaVal: /me blinks. Roadmap.... Uh...Nick? Get it, will you?
wishingwillow4 has left the room.
ColNicholasFury: Val!
mollymonsterrr: and make copies
The Glitter Pill: Man, I have not had any action in so long...
r3dheadspy: I was going to say I'd rather sleep with Nick than shaw, but on that note, maybe not.
ContessaVal: *blinks* Obviously he stole it from you?
Lysistratah: Riiight.
ColNicholasFury: O' course.
bigpileodust: *scrolls up after talking to her sis on the phone* omg... i miss all the sex stuff
ContessaVal: But just in case he didn't...
Lysistratah: *snicker*
ColNicholasFury: This bein' mad at me routine is gettin' old, don't ya think?
bigpileodust: actually..*LOL* what is HoM rated? R? NC-17 with cuts? PG?
xDark Wesleyx: Eep, good question.
Lysistratah: I had to scroll back myself. Storm - did you say you're going to scorn Pietro for Magneto? Bwa ha ha! I love it!
ContessaVal: You know how it is, at my age I forget how long I've been mad and start all over.
Apheta6 has entered the room.
ColNicholasFury: Rating doesn't matter to me in terms of reading. Writing however is different
Lysistratah: Um, based on the fact that we've already put in requests for poolboys from Dom, I'm thinking Nc-17 with LJ cuts.
ColNicholasFury: 'Bout damn time you drag yer sorry ass in here.
xDark Wesleyx: Gotcha
Lysistratah: If you're worried about being sued, F-List it.
Apheta6: *waves at everyone* Hi, Terry player here.
Lysistratah: And Lorna?
Nathan Grey XMan: Oh my lord.... it would fun to play that plotline out, especially if we had a Pietro...
bigpileodust: *ROFLOL*
Apheta6: Nate player!
Lysistratah: Oh, Mags, I'm NPCing Pietro until we get a new one. It'll give me some RP time with Storm, plus I'm all about the family drama.
Lysistratah: It's moving slow with the Darkholmes, so I might as well complicate the Lensherr's lives.
mollymonsterrr: in case we hadn't noticed:-P
Apheta6: Hey, the potential Pietro has been having a bit of a rough time, but I directed them to the game website. And hi, everyone.
stackedgoddess: If Storm did that, regardless of how Mag's felt about her, I can imagine Pietro attemting to depose his daddy in a major coup.
stackedgoddess: Bloody one, hopefully.
xDark Wesleyx: Laundry calls again... back in a bit
ColNicholasFury: We can only hope
stackedgoddess: Just turn him crazy.
bigpileodust: *waves hi* i'm emma!mun, but just call me jo, since... hey, its ok
stackedgoddess: We already know he's capable of it.
Nathan Grey XMan: Pietro is Mags' son, he IS crazy by default
Apheta6: Hi Emma mun. I love your stuff on Theatrical Muse.
Lysistratah: ha! I'm wiling to give it a whirl!
Foenix13: *waves a bit belatedly*
Apheta6: Who is everyone else?
ColNicholasFury: You know me. :P
stackedgoddess: Storm Mun here. Hi Terry!
The Glitter Pill: TJ really hopes she can avoid the Crazy Gene.
Lysistratah: I'm Raven and, as of tonight, Pietro!Puppet
ContessaVal: Boo.
Lysistratah: (It's too late, TJ!)
mollymonsterrr: Rahne
r3dheadspy: You know me too.
bigpileodust: omg, wow, thank you! i didn't know anyone read my stuff at TM!
Foenix13: You only think you know me.
ColNicholasFury: I know you!
Apheta6: yeah, Foe is a trouble maker par excellence.
Nathan Grey XMan: If TJ doesn't get it from grandpa Mags, she'll get it from Grandma raven
ColNicholasFury: I know where you live!
Foenix13: I know where you live!
The Glitter Pill: Or Mom
Lysistratah: Oh, yeah. Teej was doomed from birth.
stackedgoddess: Teej is due for the crazy in spades.
ColNicholasFury: But I can drive! :P
Apheta6: Hi Rahne mun! Can someone bring me up to speed?
ContessaVal: I know where you BOTH live!
xDark Wesleyx: (and this is the AIM for scott!mun, AKA eric, but i just ran to his comp and i'm typing)
Foenix13: Mutually assured destruction is great.
ColNicholasFury: You're too far away!
The Glitter Pill: Luckily she's a total daddy's girl, and Kurt's been more or less sane over the years.
ColNicholasFury: And now he's Shaw as well
Lysistratah: Okay - one more time, here's what we've got!
stackedgoddess: Kurt doesn't seem so sane in the HoM reality. I love that.
The Glitter Pill: well, yeah
ColNicholasFury: Who is sane in HoM?
Lysistratah: The Butt Monkeys concert is about to be attacked by NPC/Narrator. Before that happens, TJ and Rhane are going to bond over their love of a band everyone else hates
The Glitter Pill: XD
Lysistratah: Kurtums takes after his mommy.
Lysistratah: Val is a SHIELD agent who has penetrated the Human Resistance and is working for Shaw.
Lysistratah: Shaw is Pimp Daddy Mac of the Helicarrier. Oh, and we've got a new Shaw (because God loves me)
Nathan Grey XMan: Sweet
Apheta6: We have a Shaw???
stackedgoddess: Unfortanetly, Ro's still sane.
Lysistratah: God loves me A LOT.
Apheta6: Who is xdarkwesleyx here?
bigpileodust: *points to scott!mun AKA eric*
Lysistratah: That'd be Scott and our new Shaw.
ColNicholasFury: That's Scott and Shaw
bigpileodust: aka shaw, too
bigpileodust: :-)
stackedgoddess: If she wasn't, Africa would be sheer hell on earth.
ColNicholasFury: Natasha's sleeping with Shaw to get info out of him for the Resistance
stackedgoddess: ohhh, that thought intrigues me now.
Apheta6: Ok, stackedgoddess must DEFINITELY be Ro mun.
Lysistratah: Ro is contemplating a wonderful Oedipal drama wherein she rejects Pietro for Magneto
ColNicholasFury: Mags needs some lovin' too.
Lysistratah: He's getting some in flashback, but that implies he hasn't been laid since the 1970's.
Apheta6: And Emma mun, I've read your stuff on TM for a long time. I'm at TM too. I've contemplated commenting in your Emma LJ saying hello for months. Ok, I'm paying attention to plot
Apheta6: Who's getting what in Flashback?
bigpileodust: (ok, now you need to comment on her LJ so we can talk more!)
Lysistratah: I thought I'd try a Raven who didn't shove her references down other people's throats nonstop, so it's a quiet little suggestion.
Apheta6: Most certainly, and Emma is welcome to harass Terry on her LJ IC at any point in time, if you want to do a 616 Emma.
Lysistratah: Mags - you still here? How do you feel about 'Ro, Pietro, and plottage?
Nathan Grey XMan: I don't see him with Storm, though I can see him using that relationship more to his advantage.
Apheta6: I'm confused about the flashback stuff?
Lysistratah: There's a "1979 - Genosha" entry over in the House of M.
stackedgoddess: I was actually joking about a Mags relationship, cause I really don't think he'd go for it either. Also, Storm's got her own agenda for wresting Africa completely from his influence.
Lysistratah: Terry - are you still playing Lorna?
stackedgoddess: But it really would be fun to make Pietro sweat it.
stackedgoddess: perhaps i can use the idea somehow.
Lysistratah: Let us know. Feel free to lead Pietro on/off in the meantime. (He's used to it.)
The Glitter Pill: haha
Apheta6: So what is our Slim doing?
Lysistratah: I could see her playing both sides against the middle, with neither her nor Magneto really interested, just jockeying for power, while Poor Pietro is having his heart broken.
Nathan Grey XMan: That would be interesting.
stackedgoddess: She could mislead Pietro about her intentions toward Mags to cause unrest within the HoM
xDark Wesleyx: And... back.
stackedgoddess: And Ray, you're tepeing me
Lysistratah: Beacause the Lensherrs are one of the most stable families in Mutantdom.
bigpileodust: *spits water*
Apheta6: My brain is splodey at the prospect of Mags/Ro romance.
Lysistratah: Great minds think alike
xDark Wesleyx: Right now, Scott and Emma are flashbacking to their meet cute, way back when.
Apheta6: Hi Scott mun! *waves* Terry mun here.
Lysistratah: And it is adorable! I've enjoyed reading it!
bigpileodust: oh yay!!!
Apheta6: Er...Terry and Vision mun, I should say.
xDark Wesleyx: *waves back*
Lysistratah: Vision? So you're not playing Lorna?
Lysistratah: Magneto - what do you think of the Conference of Kings idea Storm brought up? I could see SHIELD sending the helicarrier as security
Lysistratah: (because there is no plot device too small for me to get more people together at one time)
Apheta6: I am playing Lorna, sorry!
bigpileodust: lorna, vision, and terry?
Apheta6: Conference of Kings. Heh.
xDark Wesleyx: <-- is slow. Terry?
Nathan Grey XMan: if we can bring in a Doom and maybe a Namor or Panther, then hell yeah.
The Glitter Pill: Heh, so tempted to pick up another character. Must resist.
mollymonsterrr: heh
Lysistratah: You don't get any new ones until TJ says hi online, young lady. ;-)
Apheta6: *waves* hi, yes, Terry, meaning Theresa Cassidy, Siryn.
mollymonsterrr: I keep thinking "If I played Toad I could kill mooks!"
Lysistratah: Who needs to stop by the Butt Monkeys concert, so we can have her get attacked with everyone.
The Glitter Pill: XD
Lysistratah: And take lots of Benedryl!
xDark Wesleyx: Gotcha, gotcha. Thanks.
mollymonsterrr: heh
Apheta6: Another person whose TM stuff I've been reading.
xDark Wesleyx: Thank you much.
mollymonsterrr: But I need to go, my SO is getting all pissy about me hogging the internet
ColNicholasFury: Later.
bigpileodust: pfft, blow 'em off
r3dheadspy: Bye.
The Glitter Pill: alrighty, nice talking to you! :D
Lysistratah: Mags - getting more rulers makes sense to me. I wonder if we could put pressure on the T'Challa we saw briefly on Sages?
mollymonsterrr: I'll check the coms in the morning
Foenix13: Seeya
bigpileodust: j/k! later!
mollymonsterrr: or real late tonight
xDark Wesleyx: Later
stackedgoddess: I approached him already
Nathan Grey XMan: See ya
mollymonsterrr: Later!
mollymonsterrr has left the room.
Lysistratah: Should I add Namor and Doom to the NPC's? That way, anyone who wanted to jump in and play them temporarily during the conference would be free to do so.
stackedgoddess: two weeks ago I think on a meetup over at Scans Daily
Foenix13: Gyah, so much colour.
stackedgoddess: He said he'd consider it but haven't heard from him
Lysistratah: Oops. I couldn't see the bottom of the screen to say bye.
Apheta6: You can always talk to him on his journal. The player is friendly.
Lysistratah: I don't think he has any posts. Nothing there to comment on that I saw.
Apheta6: On T'Challa's journal? Sure, there are two or three
Apheta6: Color, Foe?
Foenix13: There was a big chunk there with every person with a different colour name, and some different coloured text, making a mushy rainbow of text.
ColNicholasFury: /me yawns and stretches.
Lysistratah: So - Emma and Scott are cool right now. Sebastian's about to get unprofessional with the staff. The UK crew are about to get attacked
ColNicholasFury: Nick's trying to get out of Genosha. Ro's there at Dom's and will meet with Mags.
Apheta6: What is Sebastian Shaw doing being Mac Daddy Snoop Dogg?
Apheta6: Terry is.....waiting for Nate.
Foenix13: Women love a man in uniform.
Lysistratah: Val's an undercover agent FOR SHIELD instead of against them. Storm and Magneto are going to have a fight about rights ...
ColNicholasFury: You bet they do.
xDark Wesleyx: It's the 'burns, yo.
Apheta6: Hey, what happened to our Wanda?
Lysistratah: I haven't heard from her in a couple of weeks. She's never posted and never replied when I tried to get in touch with her. I think she's quietly dropped out. :-(
Apheta6: Dammit. Who's Vision going to play off?
Lysistratah: Raven would like to continue some Early Genosha backstory with Magneto (leading to him getting her the job on the helicarrier)
Nathan Grey XMan: I've been thinking about where to toss Nate into the mix. Either with the UK crew, or have him run into the Red Guard in Qatar
Lysistratah: Terry - I thought you were the Band Manager for the Butt Monkeys.
bigpileodust: gah, gotta run and take care of the kid BRB
Lysistratah: I think tossing nate in with teh UK crew could be interesting. His AU sister will be there, after all...
Lysistratah: (Not that I'm trying to push any more family drama.)
ColNicholasFury: You know, if Nate can make people remember what it's supposed to be like....if Nate runs into James, he could be the reason why James remembers. The book never said why James remembers
The Glitter Pill: Nate should be a ButtMonkey groupie. TJ needs lovin' from someone who for sure isn't related to her.
Lysistratah: (That would've required some logical plot)
Foenix13: Everyone got wishes granted. Wolverine's always wanted to know who he is. I thought it was pretty obvious...
Apheta6: James as in Logan?
Lysistratah: Hey - there'll be poolboys for everyone once we get to Dom's! There's a little Thunderbird there waiting for you.
Lysistratah: Or, rather, a massive one.
The Glitter Pill: XD
The Glitter Pill: I would still love for more Exiles to show up at Sages.
ColNicholasFury: Oh yeah, forgot about that.
Lysistratah: Wolverine goes by James in HoM.
Foenix13: I have a friend who would love to be Blink...
Lysistratah: Cool!
Foenix13: ...But they don't read Exiles.
The Glitter Pill: XD
The Glitter Pill: well, even *I* haven't read -all- of Exiles.
Apheta6: BRING in Blink!
Apheta6: Hey, can I bring Shatterstar's player in?
Foenix13: Don't read it. At all. Ever.
Apheta6: Don't read Exiles? Pshaw.
Lysistratah: Hey! I like Exiles.
The Glitter Pill: Before Austen? It was good.
The Glitter Pill: it's getting better again
Nathan Grey XMan: Exiles is a good book.... or at least it was.
Foenix13: I heart Bedard.
Foenix13: Didn't start off great, but he was better than Austen.
Nathan Grey XMan: Just ignore the Austen issues, and it's a good series
Apheta6: I liked Exiles too.
Foenix13: But then again, so's an autistic monkey on coke.
Apheta6: I have Austen hate. Who's with me?
The Glitter Pill: TJ's my girl.
Lysistratah: Scott, Emma - if we get Nate and Rachel to Dom's (as well as you two) after the dual memories set i, we've got a good setup for some Summers family drama.
ColNicholasFury: Bendis. Austen and Liefeld are the top three spots on my must kill list
jemisard has entered the room.
ColNicholasFury: Hello
jemisard: Hey.
Lysistratah: Hello
Apheta6: Hey, everyone, meet Jemisard. This is Shatterstar's player.
xDark Wesleyx: Absolutely. Can't wait to get the whole Jerry Springer bunch of 'em together.
xDark Wesleyx: Greetings
The Glitter Pill: I say we put Liefiled and Austen onto one book, sort of a Suck Quarentine.
Apheta6: I'm trying to con them into the game.
jemisard: ::waves::
Apheta6: Suck Quarantine. AHAHAH!
Lysistratah: Any idea who you might be interested in playing?
Apheta6: And how about a Moira?
Nathan Grey XMan: I'd hate Bendis, but his ult Spidey and New Avengers keep me from killing him
ColNicholasFury: You have to get Bendis in there as well
Lysistratah: Um...Moira was pretty thoroughly killed in the HoM/Exiles crossover.
ColNicholasFury: Naw. He needs to be killed.
Rahne42 has entered the room.
Rahne42: hihi
Foenix13: I long for the Avengers to do anything in their own book...
The Glitter Pill: Goddamn, they killed her again >.<
Apheta6: See, I'm conflicted in the Ult Spidey thing.
Rahne42: whom did they kill agian?
Nathan Grey XMan: Moira got killed again?
Lysistratah: Hello, Rhane 42
jemisard: Graves in Marvel need revolving doors on them >_>
Apheta6: This is Moira's player. Let's get her to take a character in the game.
ColNicholasFury: Yeah, the Avengers are busy taking care of X-Men villians and have to call in others to do it.
Lysistratah: She was only a plot device for the Exiles, so they cleaned her up when they were done playing with her.
The Glitter Pill: poor Moira :-(
The Glitter Pill: *Sean glares at Mystique*
Lysistratah: rhane42 - are you the same Moira from LJ (as in "let's play tug-of-war over Evo!Rhane?)
Foenix13: "Ach, I'm alive again! Tis a wonderous da...*bang!* Oh, down I go..."
Nathan Grey XMan: Damn... poor Moira.
Lysistratah: *Mystique shifts her neck into a bloody cut and smiles back*
The Glitter Pill: *Sean is now being held back by several NPC's*
Lysistratah: Now, since we're starting the game earlier, and have decided to take it wherever we want for the end, if Moira wants to play herself, she's welcome to. Any idea where to fit her in, though? She was deep undercover and on the run
ColNicholasFury: That sounds familiar
Lysistratah: *laughs*
Rahne42: yes, same moira. sorry, having trouble keeping up, trying to do something else too.
The Glitter Pill: okay, cognetive functions have... well, stopped functioning
Lysistratah: More human resistance? Or, if you're feeling desperate, working with our delightful Sinister?
The Glitter Pill: I think I'm getting sick. I better be better by Thursday.
Foenix13: See? That's what that kinda music does to you.
Lysistratah: What happens Thursday?
Lysistratah: *snicker*
ColNicholasFury: LOL!
The Glitter Pill: Nine Inch Nails concert O.O
Rahne42: working with sinister just doesn't work. DAmn, everyone's getting sick these days.
The Glitter Pill: mmm. Trent.
Foenix13: And I'm finally healthy.
Rahne42: i haven't managed to get my hands on the HoM exiles yet.
Lysistratah: (The boyfriend is actually up at this hour, sending me strange looks as I giggle while typing)
The Glitter Pill: Healthy? What's that like?
ColNicholasFury: I'm waiting for the little germ factory to bring something home from school
Lysistratah: Ah. Well. Sorry about ruining that for you. (I'm a bad person.)
Rahne42: What, is your boyfriend waiting on the new girl genius page yet?
Lysistratah: Of course he is!
Rahne42: I swear, I've totally overplayed maxim at times because i just Miss Him So Much!
Foenix13: Well, relatively healthy. I swear, Joe Quesada gave me something in Boston. =P
Apheta6: Behold the NIN! Hey, the first time I went to see NIN was in....1989. I had to run the patent leather gauntlet.
Lysistratah: Don't get me started. We'll have a girl genius game going in seconds.
ColNicholasFury: Ew! You have Joe germs!!
Lysistratah: Are you my Jager friend?
Rahne42: yep. and still unable to type an umlaut on teh PC. Hence the Herr Doktor in my head insists on all the "e"s
Foenix13: At least I can talk and sound normal again. My poor podcast is a month behind.
Lysistratah: Ah, the joy of actually knowing some German.
Apheta6: Foe, I was just about to IM you and laugh hysterically about Moira, but I'll do it here.
Rahne42: yeah, and learning it was an interesting experience. Herr Doktor's qualifiactions came from 16 years in east berlin working for military intelligence. "History and Culture" classes were..........fun.
Foenix13: ...Righto, then.
Lysistratah: Whew... I just did a year abroad. I feel unworthy.
Lysistratah: You're going to laugh about Moira in front of teh poor corpse?
Rahne42: ::sniffle::
The Glitter Pill: *pats*
ColNicholasFury: /me yawns.
Lysistratah: Okay - since those of us in EST may need to leave soon if we want to make it to work on time, are there any new plots people want to discuss?
xDark Wesleyx: Well, it's coming up on that time for me. Brand new job in the morning. Fun meeting and talking to all.
Apheta6: A year abroad. Where?
Lysistratah: Germany.
Apheta6: Hey, new job???
ColNicholasFury: /me looks at the clock. Ugh. Only midnight. 8 more hours
Apheta6: Stop yawning! Are we boring you?
xDark Wesleyx: Yup, starting at 8 AM. Good stuff. Jo says g'night to all, too
Lysistratah: I'll tell you what. I'll put the whole chat under a cut on the House of M Chats LJ, and I'll put what I can remember in a summary on our OOC page.
Apheta6: Ok.
Lysistratah: We can discuss (albiet slower) over there.
ColNicholasFury: Nope. Just you.
Apheta6: Hey Slim mun, nice to meet you!
Apheta6: Shut up.
xDark Wesleyx: And you
ColNicholasFury: Night ScottMun
xDark Wesleyx: Sounds good about the chat
The Glitter Pill: I just need to step afk and take some cough syrup
Lysistratah: I'm glad you two could make it! And I'm thrilled that you're going to be our new Sebastian
The Glitter Pill: yay drugs
Lysistratah: *don't say that in front of Raven. She'll give you the hard stuff*
xDark Wesleyx: Hee hee. Yeah, once the lj's created, I'll draft the intro and send it up for inspection. :-)
xDark Wesleyx: Night, all!
r3dheadspy: Night
Lysistratah: G'nite!