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07 November 2005 @ 12:13 am
Nov 6th Chat - The Birth of Sebastian Shaw, part I  

You have just entered room "chathouseofm."
Foenix13 has entered the room.
Igignoc has entered the room.
Igignoc: hizzah was wondering if i had missed out on this
Lysistratah: Nope. In fact, I started a little early.
r3dheadspy has entered the room.
Foenix13: I'd completely forgotten.
ColNicholasFury has entered the room.
r3dheadspy: Hey
Lysistratah: I was afraid I'd forget how to do a group chat. Luckily, AIM has a very low learning curve.
ColNicholasFury: Evenin'.
Lysistratah: Hi Col'
Lysistratah: And Natsha and Rachel - is every woman here a redhead?
Igignoc: lol
ColNicholasFury: Nothin' wrong with that
Igignoc: i forgot what i was about to say
Lysistratah: That's the joy of chat. I think it takes a special kind of focus - perhaps one learned by having multiple short attention spans.
Igignoc: wait AIM has a learning curve? its the worst program ever
Foenix13: I've got thunderstorms incoming, so my connection will very likely be very flaky.
Lysistratah: No worries.
Lysistratah: Are you on dialup?
Igignoc: i am i hate dialup
ColNicholasFury: Just in the middle o' nowhere.
Lysistratah: Rachel may have to leave us soon in order to save her electronics (I don't want to count the dollars I spent on modems back in the day) so I want to assure people I'll put any major decisions up on the OOC board.
Lysistratah: It's still a bit before we're officially scheduled to start, and I expect folks to wander in and out as real life dictates.
Foenix13: Oh, I'll suffer through unless it's right overhead, but the electricly charged air tends to futz with the DSL connection.
Igignoc: sweet
Igignoc: i added this ooc board to my livejournal friendslist
Lysistratah: Igignoc - you are King Brian, right?
Igignoc: ow my eye
Igignoc: give me a sec guys
Igignoc: nope
r3dheadspy: BRB. I have to switch computers
Igignoc: way off
Lysistratah: No problem.
r3dheadspy has left the room.
Igignoc: i'm hawkeye
Lysistratah: Sorry about that. It's easy to confuse handles. *blush*
Igignoc: its cool
Igignoc: i'm getting the new excalibur series
Igignoc: and i'm reading she-hulk
Igignoc: i know nothing bout captain britian
Foenix13: She-Hulk, YAY!
r3dheadspy has entered the room.
Lysistratah: Really, she should be the sweetheart of the superhero set. After all, most of those guys are HUGE.
ColNicholasFury: I didn't like the art in it
Igignoc: me either
Igignoc: but dan slott is my hero so i must keep reading it
Lysistratah: Honestly, I've only seen the covers, which are gorgeous. I hate it when cover and interior art are far enough apart that it feels like false advertising.
Foenix13: Bah, I love Bobillo's art.
Lysistratah: Rachel (forgive me if I sometimes spell it Rachael. Force of habit for too many years) have you got any ideas or direction you'd like to take Lady Rachel, or are you more waiting for prompts. Actually, this goes for everyone. ...
Lysistratah: I have respect for thunderstorms...
Foenix13: Not really.
Igignoc: anyone have any ideas for me? like where i could slowly fit back into the story?
ColNicholasFury: I should be out of Genosha soon.
Igignoc: i know
Igignoc: i meant an overall type of thing
Lysistratah: Rachel - do you want to be thrilled with the Butt Monkeys or horrified you ended up at this concert? That could help with direction.
Foenix13: Oh, horrified.
Lysistratah: Sounds good.
Lysistratah: So we need a reason why you'd still be willing to talk to these people after sitting through the worst music ever.
Igignoc: think me hopping up at that concert would be too out of place? i'd need a good reason. like a tip off to something that could help the resitance? maybe trying to recruit jugs? i mean he isnt a mutant
Lysistratah: I'm thinking you and Rhane could have some amusing interactions where she tries to convince you they're the best thing ever and you remind her you're using telekinesis to protect your eardrums, that sort of thing.
Foenix13: Heheh.
Lysistratah: The concert is over in London. I think Hawkeye is set in New York right now, right?
ColNicholasFury: AFK. Have to move some files
Lysistratah: No prob
Igignoc: yeah but we could get him there easy (cloak)
mollymonsterrr has entered the room.
mollymonsterrr: hi
r3dheadspy: Heya
Lysistratah: Rhane! Speak of the devil (or, in your case, werewolf)!
Lysistratah: We were just suggesting you could try and convince poor Rachel she's at the Best Concert Ever while waiting to talk to TJ.
mollymonsterrr: heh
Lysistratah: I was wondering if people would like me to create some NPC/Socpuppets.
Lysistratah: For example, would being attacked after the concert bring everyone together? Not Callisto yet, but even something as simple as a mugger. (Or, whatever clever ideas you guys might have.)
ColNicholasFury: Human Resistance could make a strik
ColNicholasFury: strike
Igignoc: perfect
Lysistratah: Yes!
Lysistratah: After all, they're Everywhere You Want To Be
Igignoc: do we actually have a jugs? cause hawkeye could detest even having to try to be recruiting him. hence the attack in the first place. sort of a diversion
Lysistratah: Our Juggernaut is the Butt Monkey's roadie.
ColNicholasFury: Is it me or does that sound bad
ColNicholasFury: ?
Lysistratah: I don't think converting him is going to happen.
Lysistratah: He's incredibly loyal to TJ and basically accepted as a mutant.
Foenix13: I always knew Cain was a buttmonkey.
Igignoc: i never said it was gonna work
Lysistratah: *snicker* After all, "We were drunk, and nothing happened!"
Lysistratah: I think he would crush Hawkeye into paste then appologise to the girls.
Igignoc: it would prove an amusing conversation. even with clints knowledge of both worlds
Lysistratah: I wonder if we'll get our Jugs online later? If any of us have ideas that relate to characters who aren't here, we shoudl post them on the OOC board and ask if that character is into that plot.
Igignoc: yeah
Igignoc: oh whos our magneto? i read his first post and my jaw dropped hes amazing
Lysistratah: I don't think he's here yet.
Igignoc: kind of figured that
Igignoc: i just think hes a great writer
Foenix13: Magneto is everywhere.
Igignoc: but anyways
Igignoc: i was thinking some more natasha/clint stuff would be cool but i dont know where we could work it
Igignoc: because i honestly dont know much about there relationship
r3dheadspy: I'd be up for it.
r3dheadspy: She's supposed to have another meeting with Nick, but he could not make it again.
Lysistratah: One of the things our Kurt posted comes to mind - "bubbling"
Lysistratah: We don't have to keep everything in the same immediate continuity.
Igignoc: i just really liked how that last thing ended between our characters. not sure if i told you that
r3dheadspy: Thanks
Igignoc: of course
mollymonsterrr: Do we have a timeline reference point for that "bubbling" thing?
Lysistratah: There's no reason Natasha can't have one thread with Nick and another with Hawkeye, then when they're done, we see where they fit together.
Lysistratah: No, but one could be made.
Igignoc: the nice seeing you again line was an amazing touch. it gave clint a little hope
r3dheadspy: I wasn't sure when Natasha was on the Avengers. She was involved with Clint at that time, IIRC
Lysistratah: Another option is flashbacks. We've got a whole new reality to play with here. There's no reason why we can't have people interact well before (like, say, 1979).
r3dheadspy: Hawkeye: Did you read the bio I posted for Natasha?
Igignoc: umm i dont remember
Igignoc: i can check in a little bit
r3dheadspy: I suggest you read it. It mentions Hawkeye. That's why Natasha said again
Igignoc: thank you very much i'll def check it out
Lysistratah: Rachel, Rhane, Nick - are you all cool with the idea of a human resistance attack on the Butt Monkeys - or at least on the part of London they're in? That would be a good reason for Rachel to take the kids to the palace for safety
Igignoc: i'm doing 20 things right now
Igignoc: lol
mollymonsterrr: sounds good to me
Foenix13: Yay, I can save the day!
ColNicholasFury: I'm okay with it. Nick might not be involved. He's in Genosha at the moment
Lysistratah: That's fine.
Foenix13: Or y'know, my own ass...
Lysistratah: Would you prefer to have an NPC come in and attack or The Voice of Narration state "an attack has occurred"
Lysistratah: Glad to hear Rachel and Rhane are cool with being attacked!
stackedgoddess has entered the room.
Lysistratah: The day, your own ass - so many things need saving.
Igignoc: hmmm we'd need more of the restistance members than just hawkeye (hence why i wish we had luke and cloak)
ColNicholasFury: Hello
Lysistratah: Hi Storm!
mollymonsterrr: Hey, plot is good, even if its part of " plot device";-)
Foenix13: ...Plot? What is that?
ColNicholasFury: We need to kick Frank's ass and get him involved
Lysistratah: You can't spell plot device without...oh, hell. A bunch of consonants and some vowels.
mollymonsterrr: Hee!
The Glitter Pill has entered the room.
Lysistratah: Hey TJ!
Lysistratah: We were just talking about the Butt Monkeys.
The Glitter Pill: Heya! I have power, yay.
stackedgoddess: Hi guys! Puppy just picked an inopportune time to let me know to take her outside. Back in 3 min.
Foenix13: Oh, is that where mine went?
Lysistratah: Guess what? We're going to attack your concert. Well, some narration is going to attack your concert...
The Glitter Pill: nice :D
Igignoc: hey whos our peitro? werent him and clint really close friends at one point?
Lysistratah: How's NaNo treating you?
Foenix13: Damn that narration.
Lysistratah: If you just kill the narrator, life would be SO MUCH E
Lysistratah: ASIER
Foenix13: /me is kicking NaNo's butt again this year.
Lysistratah: I fear we have no pietro. I'd like one, believe me, but we are sadly without.
The Glitter Pill: <= has hit a wall due to brain fog.
ColNicholasFury: /me is plugging along with it
Igignoc: damn'i thought we already had one. he was on the list
Lysistratah: I didn't know you were doing it as well, Rachel.
Lysistratah: We had a reserve on Pietro. He never showed. Now the part is open again.
Lysistratah: such is life :-)
Foenix13: Fourth year. Third I'll actually complete it.
Igignoc: ah
ColNicholasFury: Thrid for me. Third for completing it
Igignoc: oh and our emma and scott seem very interesting
Lysistratah: Really? I'm impressed. This was my first year. (Technically, I did a LoNoWriMo, as I jumped the gun by a month. It was that or not do it at all as Nov is a time of business and family road trips for me.)
The Glitter Pill: danm you people and your ability to write
ColNicholasFury: But I have to reach 100K. Otherwise I owe a friend a fic
Igignoc: i take it they werent able to make it to the chat?
Lysistratah: Fury wants to make us all feel inadequate. :-)
ColNicholasFury: /me grins
Foenix13: It's an overcompensation thing.
ColNicholasFury: No it's not.
Lysistratah: I thought that was Wolverine. ;-)
The Glitter Pill: I'm going with the "I habe chronic fatigue and waking up before noon is hard" excuse.
Lysistratah: I don't know if Scott or Emma will be here or not. I put up a notice on LJ saying we're here, as well as inviting everyone to the chat.
Foenix13: Good excuse...
The Glitter Pill: you'd think it'd be easier writing-wise, seeing as it means I'm homebound 75% of the time...
ColNicholasFury: I can't write at home. I write more at work
Lysistratah: I found putting the graphic word meter on my blog and telling all my RL friends to look every day was a great motivator. They gave me endless amounts of shit when it didn't move fast enough.
The Glitter Pill: hahaha
ColNicholasFury: I have a bet going with a friend
Lysistratah: I had to compensate for the lack of NaNo online support.
Lysistratah: See - it's all about the peer pressure.
Igignoc: heh i'm trying to recruit a new guy
mollymonsterrr: "C'mon, everyone's doing it!"
Foenix13: I have a friend who hates all the NNWM posts. So I make them to torture him.
ColNicholasFury: /me snickers.
Lysistratah: *grin*
The Glitter Pill: my friend claims to hate NaNoWriMo... not the idea, just the name.
Foenix13: And damnit, it's MY journal. I post stuff for me! I like to see how I'm doing.
stackedgoddess: Kudos to everyone doing Nano, just grateful it's not me.
Igignoc: wait a minute...can someone get me the quci rundown of spidey in the house of m. i might be able to get us a peter parker
Igignoc: and hes a damngood peter
Lysistratah: Okay, so Rhane - your job is to go bug poor Rachel about how This is the best band in the world! TJ, if you can find time to jump in and post so Rhane can give you her hand made fanmail, that'd be great. Then the narrator attacks...
The Glitter Pill: Fangirl Rahne, that is so cute
Lysistratah: The HoM Spiderman continuity is whacked.
Lysistratah: Oh, yes. Her postcards are covered in *glitter*
Igignoc: just the main title
ColNicholasFury: All House of M continuity is whacked. Apparently Nick has a son named Jacob. THAT'S HIS BROTHER DAMMIT!
Igignoc: lol
Lysistratah: He fathered his own brother? :-)
stackedgoddess: Is our Magneto present? I've been trying to figure out some possible scenes for Ro and he.
ColNicholasFury: Must. Kill. Bendis.
The Glitter Pill: or he named his son after his brother
Igignoc: nevermind i;'ll bother him bout it later
Lysistratah: Mags isn't here. :-(
mollymonsterrr: I can totally start fangirl-ing whenever
Lysistratah: We all want some quality time with our Lord and Master, it seems.
Igignoc: oh and natasha i just reread your bio. i completely forgot about how far back they go
stackedgoddess: Ah well. Do we still have any other Royal's in the game?
ColNicholasFury: Nick would still have a son, because the Macao stuff happened in the 50s and that kid is named Mikel
Foenix13: That sounds so wrong...
Lysistratah: TJ, if you pop by, you'll get so much fangirling you'll be covered in drool. Try getting THAT out of your fur!
r3dheadspy: They do go a way back.
The Glitter Pill: XD
mollymonsterrr: Heh
Igignoc: i know it was a blond moment on my part
Lysistratah: We're supposed to have a Wanda (but I think we scared her off after the last chat) and Terry!Mun is supposed to be Lorna, but I'm not sure if she's playing, as I haven't seen her as Terry or Lorna yet.
The Glitter Pill: TJ: "Woah. Our first groupie. Uh.... wait, does this mean we're famous now?"
Foenix13: Nick: All the stuff about Nick was being told by Mystique, so I just say she got the facts a little wrong.
ColNicholasFury: I hope that's the case. Seriously.
mollymonsterrr: ::contimuity migrane::
Lysistratah: Bwa ha ha! Yes, Mystique made up your entire past so she could keep getting laid by "Logan" who, last I heard, is called James in Hom.
Igignoc: she might have been doing it on purpose to protect wolvie and nick
mollymonsterrr: The James thing was around before HoM
Lysistratah: At her age, it's lucky she can remember her own name. After all, it wouldn't take if she tattooed it on her knuckles...
Lysistratah: Oh, I know. But in HoM they made a big deal of having everyone call him James *instead* of Logan...except in his own book, where the writer just didn't bother.
ColNicholasFury: Logan was using Logan since WWII
ColNicholasFury: At least
ColNicholasFury: But stupid Bendis has him remembering his life. Grrrr
mollymonsterrr: before, but as a last name
Igignoc: lol
Lysistratah: Since we seem to have a quorum, or at least a bunch of people here, I'd like to ask if we need any sockpuppets to move plot along. If so, who should they be?
Igignoc: ah bendis you've managed to fuck up a beloved avenger and some of our favorites character
Igignoc: s
Foenix13: Some?
ColNicholasFury: Luke Cage, Cloak,
Igignoc: thank you
The Glitter Pill: has everyone read HoM 8 then?
Lysistratah: I have
Igignoc: i was about to say that nick
mollymonsterrr: Do we need a Psylock puppet?
Foenix13: I'm still awaiting my copy.
ColNicholasFury: The only one I haven't read is #7
Igignoc: umm hows about danny rand and moon knight too?
Lysistratah: Psylocke isn't a bad idea
Igignoc: and yeah i heard bout 8
The Glitter Pill: I give it a year before half the stuff is written back to "normal."
mollymonsterrr: I haven't read much HoM at all
ColNicholasFury: Ya didn't miss much
stackedgoddess: I haven't read #8 yet, I keep getting thwarted.
mollymonsterrr: I gathered that
The Glitter Pill: Should I do a new post for a Butt Monkeys concert?
Foenix13: I've read it all...
Lysistratah: I suspect next summer's big crossover event will be "Reciprocity" the reaction to decimation.
Lysistratah: TJ - if you'd like, that's cool. Or, you can comment in the existing one and give Rhane a chance to meet up with you. I beleive they're already abut 6 comments into the pre-show.
stackedgoddess: I'm also puppeting Marrow with Fury at the moment.
Igignoc: crap just a quick warning theres a thunderstorm over head
The Glitter Pill: ahh, okay, coo'
Igignoc: so if i lose my connection then i apoligize
Lysistratah: No prob
ColNicholasFury: I'm waiting for Marrow. :-)
Lysistratah: How do we want to work the sockpuppets? Should I make accounts and leave an open password (that could lead to unpleasant hacking) or shall we just say anyone who wants to play them just list who you're sockpuppeting in subject line
stackedgoddess: I know, I've got to scuttle on over there to see what she wants to do.
Igignoc: ummm the latter
ColNicholasFury: I would say make the accounts and email the password to people in the RP
Foenix13: Really, I'm tired of the "Oh, it'll all be undone" reactions. EVERYTHING gets undone or reversed, or redone, etc in comics. This isn't anything new. I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy things while they last.
Foenix13: *hops off the soapbox* I like the emailing password idea.
Lysistratah: I agree. I don't mind them getting undone.
Lysistratah: I think this will be a good chance to do some real character exploration.
Foenix13: If it's undone crappily, I'll complain.
Igignoc: mhmm
ColNicholasFury: Just make all the accounts the same password. Something stupid like h0us30M
mollymonsterrr: Either sockpuppet method workd for me
ColNicholasFury: Ooops h0use30fM
Foenix13: And people have been saying for years there's too many mutants. But finally something gets done about it, and there's more complaints...
stackedgoddess: Seeing as we don't have a Pietro or T'Challa, I'm trying to figure out how to give Ro some drama,
Lysistratah: Okay - I'll try to set up accounts and email passwords to everyone who is listed on teh OOC board.
ColNicholasFury: There are too many mutants. Too many mutants with stupid powers. Bring back the damn Legacy Virus if you need to get rid of some
Lysistratah: I am half tempted to jump in and play Pietro myself just to get some RP time with you. I feel like I don't know enough about him, but then, we're in a whole new continuity.
Igignoc: my problem is the fact that marvel is pretty much screwing over everything that morrison had done for them.
Lysistratah: (At least I'd have an excuse for pontificating.)
bigpileodust has entered the room.
Lysistratah: Hi Emma!
ColNicholasFury: Hello
stackedgoddess: That flashback I wrote for her, I left purposefully ambiguous for it to be Pietro, T' or Magnus himself. But since the HoM timeline came up, I'm trying to figure out her own.
bigpileodust: OMG i'm so lame *thudshead*
Lysistratah: Why?
bigpileodust: soooooooooooo sorry i'm late
Lysistratah: No problem.
Foenix13: Heheh
stackedgoddess: I was thinking over how old she'd been when Magnus approached her to take Africa.
Lysistratah: Why don't I go ahead and take Pietro, but leave the character open. If we get any applications, I'll hand him over to another player, but right now, that'll give both you and Magneto someone to play off of.
mollymonsterrr: So what kind of music does Butt Monkey play, anyway?
bigpileodust: eric is here, only he's doing laundry *L* but as soon as he's back, i'll tell him to hop on too - we were out
mollymonsterrr: I should know if I'm gonna fangirl it
stackedgoddess: That'd be cool.
Lysistratah: Hey - when I think "who should rule all of Africa," I think "A twelve year old."
stackedgoddess: lol, that's also why I thought maybe I need to adjust her age upward.
The Glitter Pill: I can't help but picture TJ sounding kinda like Bif Naked
Lysistratah: Only with more clothes?
Igignoc: heh thats funny ((my names Eric too)) but in the rp i'm clint. the irony. i think.
Foenix13: Ironing irony?
bigpileodust: *ROFLOL*!
Lysistratah: I've adjusted Kurt and Wanda to be 35 so TJ can be 20.
The Glitter Pill: Marvel Time. Gotta love it.
Lysistratah: To summarize so far for our recent arrivals...
ColNicholasFury: Oh don't even get me started on Marvel Time
bigpileodust: oh yes please!
stackedgoddess: I was thinking to put Ro at 34, I'd like her to have some experience at her job to explain why she's wanting to contest Magnus now.
Lysistratah: We're going to set up some sock puppets. The people who want to play them might get to be in charge of finding icons (hint, hint). List who you want if you need any.
Lysistratah: We're going to have The Narrator attack the Butt Monkey's concert in the form of the human resistance. That means Rachel gets to save the day, or at least whisk the kids off to the palace.
Lysistratah: I'm going to take Pietro until we can find another player, so Storm and Magneto will have a foil (and I'll get some RP time with Storm, so this is no sacrifice on my part.)
bigpileodust: *nod*
Lysistratah: I think that's the short list so far. Anyone else?
stackedgoddess: Marrow should I just keep for myself or should I throw her into the queue?
Lysistratah: Up to you
stackedgoddess: fine for me either way, I was hoping the game would utilize a Callisto eventually too.
bigpileodust: are you still recruiting, then?
Lysistratah: Very much so!
Foenix13: Always.
bigpileodust: who do you need?
Lysistratah: (Where to start?)
bigpileodust: *L* um, the important ones?
Lysistratah: If you know a Pietro, I'll defer to another player rather than take two choice parts.
Lysistratah: Sorry if I'm disjointed. I'm being spammed here and having difficulty getting rid of people. Folks, please chime in on who you want to play with!
bigpileodust: sadly, i don't...
The Glitter Pill: and there be a TJ post :D
bigpileodust: i know a jean, a kitty, a storm (but honestly she's nowhere near as wonderful as the one we have :-)), and a logan
Lysistratah: T'Challa, Psyloche, Wanda...
stackedgoddess: I'd approached the Sages Black Panther who was kinda interested but no response so far. That character's available, I think it'd be really cool to have an En Sabah Nur player.
ContessaVal has entered the room.
mollymonsterrr: Dude! what was he doing in HoM?!
Lysistratah: Welcome!
ColNicholasFury: I think we should make puppets for Luke, Danny, Cloak, Pietro, Spidey, T'Challa, Wanda, Betsy....any others providing we don't find players for them
stackedgoddess: Who, Nur?
ColNicholasFury: Hey Beautiful.
The Glitter Pill: ...I think I just had an OC ripped off.
stackedgoddess: (lol, i never realized how disjointed chat can be.)
Lysistratah: Wait - TJ, what does that mean?
ContessaVal: Nick, your babysitting agent is patting me on the head.
Lysistratah: (Yeah, group chat can be very confusing.)
ColNicholasFury: We need a Shaw too
Lysistratah: I would LOVE a Sebastian Shaw!
stackedgoddess: Ooh, yes Shaw.
ColNicholasFury: Nick just wants to boot him out of the chair. :-)
Lysistratah: I would also love a Toad, to fill out my Red Guard.
stackedgoddess: I thought he looked like Creed when they first showed Shaw in Wolverine
ColNicholasFury: I did too
Igignoc has left the room.
bigpileodust: oh... *wonders if she could talk eric into shaw* he used to play him
mollymonsterrr: isn't his hair supposed to be black?
Lysistratah: Pretty please with sugar on top!
ColNicholasFury: Val....you can chose who you want to work for. Yourself, SHIELD, Humans...
Lysistratah: The Butt Monkeys ;-)
stackedgoddess: Did you ever see the Marvel Villains newgrounds video? Shaw killed me in that one.
ContessaVal: I bet they have a good beat and you can dance to 'em, right?
ColNicholasFury: I'm trying to forget them. The name makes me laugh
Lysistratah: Emma, I beg you to pressure Scott into adopting Shaw.
bigpileodust: *LOL*
Foenix13: All of that guy's comic toons crack me up.
Lysistratah: "That's...a lot of pink."
xDark Wesleyx has entered the room.
stackedgoddess: Especially since I'd just made it a point to mention his sexiness at the Sages thread the night before.
Lysistratah: Hello Scott!
ColNicholasFury: Hello
xDark Wesleyx: Greetings! Sorry, taking care of laundry.
Lysistratah: Storm! Are you hitting on Shaw? You hussy!
Lysistratah: "I feel pretty"
The Glitter Pill: *waves hello* Hi! I'm TJ's player.
Lysistratah: Sorry about the nonsequitors. We were discussing amusing X-Men themed flash cartoons.
stackedgoddess: Aww, she needs love Ray!
xDark Wesleyx: NP, happens every time I come into the room late. *L*
Lysistratah: Raven wants to give it to her.
The Glitter Pill: okay, completely off topic.... I need some advice.
Lysistratah: Sure
bigpileodust: and i have been begged to ask you to play sebastian once more, eric ;-)
stackedgoddess: And she's intrigued about that too as well as wigged.
stackedgoddess: Bring it Teej.
Foenix13: Eh what?
xDark Wesleyx: Eh? Should I ask how it's known I used to play ol' mutton chops?
Lysistratah: Erik...please...I have no idea what kind of bribes to offer, other than perhaps little boxes of Tide in the mail, but we need a Shaw.
The Glitter Pill: I have a character write up for an OC, a girl with avian mutations related to the Corvid (crow, ravens, magpies) etc family of birds.
The Glitter Pill: Wings, talons, tendancy to hoard shiny objects...
stackedgoddess: Emma Mun mentioned it.
bigpileodust: *hides*
xDark Wesleyx: Heck, that's not bad. We got a kid. Means we got a boatload o' laundry.
ColNicholasFury: I know about that
The Glitter Pill: A girl I'm in a bunch of games with just posted to a comm looking for a PB for her character... a metamorph who's part of the corvid family.
xDark Wesleyx: I think I just saw that post, actually
The Glitter Pill: have I been ripped off, or is it a coincidence?
Lysistratah: What's a PB? I suspect you don't mean sandwich.
bigpileodust: played by
mollymonsterrr: Whitewolf has raven shifters in their old continuity, so she could just be ripping that off
bigpileodust: emma frost, PB melissa george, in my case
xDark Wesleyx: Oh, just to make it official, I'm the Scott-mun, everyone is welcome to call me Eric. :-)
The Glitter Pill: yeah, that's what I was do-... er, I mean...
mollymonsterrr: Or there is Charles DeLint
The Glitter Pill: DUDE
stackedgoddess: Personally, I'd have to compare the two bios. However, if it's possible she'd seen your write up or if you'd mentioned it before in your other comms...
mollymonsterrr: I love DeLint!
Foenix13: Ha
bigpileodust: i have a friend trying to get me to read that!
Lysistratah: de Lint is depressing as hell, but a good writer. He makes you want to give a sorrowful speech while you slit your wrists.
mollymonsterrr: He is a grat author
mollymonsterrr: *great
stackedgoddess: And I'm a big nerd who does not know that author.
The Glitter Pill: The "master of urban fantasy"
Lysistratah: Contemporary fantasy - dark, beautifully written and atmospheric
xDark Wesleyx: Heard of. Alas, I'm shackled to Wheel of Time right now. *L*
Lysistratah: Ouch!
ColNicholasFury: I'm waiting for the rest of the books to come out before finishing that
The Glitter Pill: Neil Gaiman is my One True Author, but De Lint is high on my list too
ColNicholasFury: Must. Kill. Jordan
bigpileodust: *LOL*
mollymonsterrr: DeLint is like the New World Neil Gaiman
Lysistratah: Nick - is that before or after you kill Bendis?
xDark Wesleyx: Well, you know, it turns. Can be fun if you don't have motion sickness.
ColNicholasFury: After. He has to finish the books first. Bendis, Austen and Liefeld I can kill now
xDark Wesleyx: Oooh, can I help with Liefeld?
The Glitter Pill: Austen I just want to beat with a cardboard tube and ask him what the fuck he was thinking.
Lysistratah: Only if you play Shaw in our game.
bigpileodust: *dies*
xDark Wesleyx: Ahh, well played.
The Glitter Pill: Liefield, perhaps just maim his hands to keep him from ever drawing anything again.
ColNicholasFury: Maim? Hell I'd cut his hands and feet off.
ColNicholasFury: Just to be sure
xDark Wesleyx: No, I'd rather beat him about the head with an anatomy book.
The Glitter Pill: *snerk*
stackedgoddess: You can't even blame drugs for Austen, cause even that would've been more interesting than his godawful plots.
xDark Wesleyx: Maybe wire his jaw open so the only expression he can make is "ARRRRRGGGH"
The Glitter Pill: HAHAHAHA
Lysistratah: There are things which make even less sense on drugs. Those things are written by Austen.
ColNicholasFury: Okay...back to the RP
xDark Wesleyx: I have Liefeld issues, obviously.
xDark Wesleyx: Indeed
Foenix13: So do must sane, rational people.
ColNicholasFury: Who doesn't have Liefeld issues?
bigpileodust: very true
Lysistratah: We've got sock puppets. We've got soem UK plot to push us along. We've got a new Sebastian Shaw...
xDark Wesleyx: Yeah, but I paid good money for them.
xDark Wesleyx: But... I... Uh...
xDark Wesleyx: Okay
Foenix13: I've gotten hate mail from Liefeld fans.
bigpileodust: *ROFLOL*
stackedgoddess: I need some politicking plot between Mags and Ro. I'll just have to approach Mags player at another time.
ColNicholasFury: It's scary that the man has fans
bigpileodust: your sebastian is awesome
Lysistratah: We need a place to fit Val into the continuity. Any ideas, Val?
xDark Wesleyx: Are the letters written in crayon?
Foenix13: No, they somehow managed to use email.
Lysistratah: I'll be happy to give you some Pietroish distractions. (And just because he's pining over you doesn't mean he's channeling his inner Raven. That's all cannon.)
xDark Wesleyx: *cough*probably on WebTV*cough*
xDark Wesleyx: Okay, I'm done. Swear.
stackedgoddess: I can't think of reason for Ro to interact with Shield, or the UK so she's kinda limited to Dom at the moment.
ColNicholasFury: Val could do just about anything she wants
stackedgoddess: and Pietro o'course.
ColNicholasFury: And Nick if she runs into him
Lysistratah: Storm - put up a thread on the OOC list asking Mags to play. I think what he really needs is a prompt. Put up a post saying you're in the palace and he'll suddenly be talking to you.
bigpileodust: emma and scott are sort of to themselves for a bit, and i don't think we need sock puppets for them yet
stackedgoddess: Yup, Nick too.
Lysistratah: Cool. Just so Emma and Scott know, our Long Term Plan is for everyone to end up at Dom's place in Genosha after the dual memories set in.
Lysistratah: From there, we'll part with continuity and let people decide how to play out the endgame.
xDark Wesleyx: I'll have to back-read to see what's the latest goings on at SHIELD for Sebastian...
bigpileodust: (although i'm on AIM right now with another RPer trying to talk her into joining, but she wants to see who isn't taken and who would be the most interesting)
r3dheadspy: There's not much going on at SHIELD at the moment except for a possible brawl.
Lysistratah: http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=house_of_m_ooc
Lysistratah: Slowest. Fight. Ever.
bigpileodust: *LOL*
mollymonsterrr: Oh man, I will have to read some of Rahne's actuall continuity
r3dheadspy: Natasha and Elektra are spying for the Resistance and the Darkholmes are doing their daily soap opera
stackedgoddess: I will, Raven. Though it looks as if Mags is coming to Dom's for the party.
ContessaVal: Sorry, was beating the kids about the ears. Do I understand that Val can do anything she wants, up to and including Nick?
ColNicholasFury: You betcha, honey.
Lysistratah: "I can make your nose itch!" "So? I'm screwing your mother!" "Who cares? I've got biscuits and gravy!"
ContessaVal: Because for a moment I read it as she can do anything, and Pietro, AND Nick if she runs into him. That's a lot of things.
Lysistratah: Hey, Val's an attractive woman. Pietro's being given the cold shoulder by Storm...
ColNicholasFury: But Val's human.
stackedgoddess: Storm will interact with Mags at the party, but I'd really like to be able to play a council of Kings session as well. All the testosterone in that room would be perfume for my creativity.
Lysistratah: True. He'd be so fast she wouldn't notice.
xDark Wesleyx: I would be forever grateful if the "Secrets of..." bio for Sebastian magically appeared somewhere. *L* Went to the comic store today, forgot to pick it up.
Lysistratah: Will do.
xDark Wesleyx: And on that note, BBS... gotta move the laundry. :-)
ColNicholasFury: I don't have it with me to type it up quickly
bigpileodust: that's ok
Lysistratah: It'll probably be tomorrow night before I can get to it
bigpileodust: he doesn't have a journal set up anyway
stackedgoddess: Poor Pietro, always to be rejected...
Lysistratah: Except by his sister. No wonder he can't let her die
ColNicholasFury: I like Pietro. But I can't play him
stackedgoddess: bwhaha
Lysistratah: I'm willing to give it a whirl - again, with the understanding that if anyone comes by and wants to pick him up from me, I'll let a nice choice part go to another player. I don't need to be greedy.
bigpileodust: i'm inviting the RPer i told you about into the chat... she's interested so um... don't scare her off
Lysistratah: We'll do our best. Who is she interested in playing?
ColNicholasFury: Make him an NPC. Up for grabs if someone wants to claim him down the line
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